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"The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but..."


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Are you able to gather the data from your factory machines?
Could you create valuable data if it was easy to add sensors to your factory?*
Can you access and analyse that data securely 
and easily?

What could you do with this data?

Improve Yield

Understand how factors such as the environment, shift patterns and raw material changes affect yield, by plugging into the data created by machines, such as check weighers, packers and the like.

Better Uptime
Reduce Costs

Add sensors to machines for proactive monitoring and break-fix.*

Why wait for a call out?  With the right sensors in place, you can maintain machines before they breakdown and go offline.*

By improving OEE, minimising breakdowns, improving yield and more efficiently utilizing staff.  The savings that can be had are substantial.

And much, much more...


01 / FAST

Get up and running - Fast


The EUON platform is a cloud based service that enables the capturing of data from industrial sites, such as factories, in close to real time. 

The data takes just seconds to get from your factory machine or sensor to the EUON platform in seconds, where it can be analysed immediately.  


Priority No. 1 - Security

Devices called Guardians are used to either connect to existing factory machines or use EUON sensors to gather data and send them to the cloud service.

Guardian devices are built on Microsoft Azure Sphere Technology for best in class security.

EUON can store the data for analysis by the customer, or pass the data directly through the service to a customer's database.

03 / EASY

Making Changes is - Easy

Configuration changes can be pushed to the from the cloud almost instantly, so you never have to visit the device to change the data it is collecting.

Configuration Changes include:

  • Network & Wi-Fi Changes

  • The Data Collected from the Factory Machines

  • The Sensors Attached to the Guardian-1000*

Learn more about the basics of our technology

01 / FAST

The video below outlines the 4 simple steps you will need to follow to get data flowing to your EUON tenant.



The EUON platform has been built from the ground up with security as priority number 1.

03 / EASY

Maximum Agility

Need to change the data that is being collected?  This can be done from the EUON Portal.  Changes are pushed to the Guardian-1000, and the new data will be available within seconds.

WiFi password needs changing?  Need to connect to a new network?  These can be pushed from the portal and instantly be applied to the device.

Move device to another machine?  Need to add an extra sensor?  With the ability to create templates, large scale changes can be implemented quickly and easily.


Clear and Simple Pricing


You pay a one off cost for the hardware you need.  This includes Guardian-1000 devices and any additional sensors.

Each Guardian-1000 device needs a license to connect to the EUON platform.  These come in 1 year, 3 year and 5 year options.  

There is a small monthly storage charge for your data.  

If you choose not to have EUON store your data, this charge does not apply.



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